How to chase Survivors for longer in Dead by Daylight

Spread your terror.


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As the Killer in Dead by Daylight, your main job is hunting down, hurting, and sacrificing Survivors. However, sometimes, prolonging a chase with a Survivor can be beneficial, leading to screams or status effects that allow you to earn more Bloodpoints or guarantee a sacrifice. This guide explains how to chase Survivors for longer so you can reap the full rewards for your effort.

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How do you extend chases?

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Chases are triggered by the Killer catching sight of a Survivor and pursuing them. If you’re the Killer, you must follow the Survivor as they run away from you. The red scratch marks that appear on the floor and other parts of the environment are an indication of where the Survivor has been running, but Survivors can prevent this from appearing by hiding around a corner, walking, or crouching. To keep chases going for longer, you need to maintain pressure so Survivors never feel like they can slow down.

Most Killers are terrifying in Dead by Daylight, but using an outfit that makes them look even scarier is an excellent way to shock players into running away. Survivors can vault over pallets or windows and drop pallets in your path. If you see a Survivor waiting to drop a pallet, stay back a little, so you aren’t stunned, then you can move around it and continue the chase. Sometimes, Survivors will stun you with a flashlight as you approach an already fallen pallet. If this happens, try to push forward while blinded to destroy the pallet. This will allow you to get back to chasing the Survivor as soon as the blindness wears off.

Some players have developed tactics to juke Killers or get out of sight fast. There are even perks that will aid this. You need to notice these and drive to keep the chase going regardless. For example, if a Survivor moves wildly from left to right, they’ll eventually disappear behind you and run in the opposite direction. When you lose sight of them, turn around and continue the chase. If a Survivor takes a hit and speeds away from you, it means they have the Endurance status effect. Keep running because Endurance will wear off, and then that Survivor is yours.

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If you’re trying to extend the time you spend chasing Survivors for a Daily Ritual or Tome challenge, spend one or two Trials focusing on the chase and nothing else. Use a Killer such as The Plague and cause damage to Survivors by spewing toxins all over generators. Then, you can locate Survivors by the sounds of their sickness or screams and chase them around the map. Eventually, they’ll drop, and you can capture them, but you can easily rack up 180 seconds of chasing or more in a single Trial with Killers and methods like this.