How to check Market Board prices in Final Fantasy XIV

How much is that glamour in the window?

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Final Fantasy XIV, much like all popular MMOs, relies on a strong Market Board to fuel its economy. Players often trade and spend Gil on these Market Boards to obtain materials, items, and more. Final Fantasy XIV’s Market Board is quite nice, but it does take a few extra steps to get used to it compared to other modern MMOs. Here’s how to check Market Board prices in Final Fantasy XIV.

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How to check the cost of an item in Final Fantasy XIV

In order to see how much an item is selling for on the Market Board, all you really need to do is search for the item. The results will appear on the right portion of the menu, and clicking the requested item will bring up a list of all the available purchase options currently on your server’s Market Board and the price to buy it out.

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The price listed is what you will pay per item. Players should take care to look at the quantity next to the price as many other players will post stacks of items and if you purchase that option you will receive ALL of them. The amount listed under the total section is what you will be paying when you click the item. Disregard the price section as it will often cause you to accidentally get swindled into buying more than you need.

In order to make sure you are not paying way more than you should, the Market Board also has a button above the prices on the right side of the menu called History. Clicking this will bring up a record of all of the purchases for that item recently on the server. That way, you can make a decision on whether to purchase now or wait for a price change.

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Checking Market Board prices on external sites for Final Fantasy XIV

A lot of players want to see the prices of items for more than just their server. In order to save themselves from traveling from world to world, there is a popular website that will do its best to show the current prices for items across all servers and data centers. It even has an in-game addon for those who are not against using them. It is decently reliable, though it is usually several hours behind the current listings. It can be easily used to get an idea of which server will likely have the cheapest option, however.