How to get the Styled for Hire hairstyle in Final Fantasy XIV

Why have one braid when you can have two?

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One of the most unique aspects of Final Fantasy XIV that you don’t find in other popular MMOs is the ability to unlock new hairstyles for your character as rewards across the many new expansions and patches that release over time. Several unlockable hairstyles have become extremely popular among the community, and none more than the Styled for Hire hair. Here is how to obtain this new look.

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Where to purchase the Modern Aesthetics – Styled for Hire hairstyle in Final Fantasy XIV

The Modern Aesthetics – Styled for Hire item is what you need to obtain in order to unlock this hairstyle. It is actually quite simple to do provided you are not against a bit of PvP.

In order to purchase the unlock, you will need to earn 18,000 Wolf Marks by partaking in PvP content. This seems daunting, but Wolf Marks tend to come easily. It doesn’t matter what type of content you do within PvP. Frontlines and Crystalline Conflict will both provide Wolf Marks. You can do unranked or ranked Crystalline Conflict as well. Either will work. The Frontline daily roulette also gives a good chunk of Wolf Marks toward your goal. If you are diligent you should be able to require the necessary amount of currency in a few days.

Once you have enough Wolf Marks, you must simply visit the Mark Quartermaster at coordinates (X: 4.4 Y: 6.0) in The Wolves’ Den Pier. You will find the Modern Aesthetics – Styled for Hire item under the Wolf Marks (Other) category and Miscellaneous subcategory. Trade the 18,000 Marks and use the item to unlock it. Most hairstyles are only unlocked for the character that uses the item, so you will have to do this on every character that you want to have the hairstyle.

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Unlocking the hairstyle does not automatically change your character’s hair. You must visit the Aesthetician by using the Crystal Bell at any Inn room. Furthermore, unlocking a hairstyle for the character also unlocks it as an option for your retainers.

Recently, Styled for Hire has been added to the hair options for Viera characters. This has been a popular request since the race was put in the game, so it is nice to finally see it brought to the game.