How to claim Banges Exploration rewards in Tower of Fantasy

More Bange for your buck.

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Banges Exploration rewards will allow you to earn rare items in Tower of Fantasy. Banges is the name of the second area players will discover while playing through the story. Exploration rewards will unlock in chapter two, but how these rewards work and how to do them are never explained. This guide will explain how to claim Banges Exploration rewards in Tower of Fantasy.

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How claiming Banges Exploration rewards work

Once you begin chapter two, a slew of new gameplay systems and menu options will appear for the first time. Many of these new functions are briefly explained, and some are left for players to figure out on their own. Exploration rewards are designed to give you some rare items and materials for adventuring and poking your nose around the open world.

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You must open the world map to check the Banges Exploration reward progress screen. In the bottom right of the map screen, you will see the names of different areas with completion percentages below them. Click the Banges tab to open the reward screen.

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From this screen, you can check your rewards progression and claim rewards when you reach milestones along the bar. Rewards include the following items.

  • Seven Gold Nuclei.
  • Two Potent Omnium crystals.
  • 300 Dark crystals.
  • The Couant Relic.
  • A Mighty Mushroom.
  • The Wastelands Wanderer outfit.
  • The Banges Apprentice title.

To fill this bar, you must explore the Banges location. In this location, you will earn points for activating supply pods and discovering items for the first time. This progress bar will list all of the activities that you can check off your list. Track down hidden objects and explore every nook and cranny of this area to earn all of the Banges Exploration rewards.