How to clear & capture checkpoints in Far Cry 6

Clear checkpoints to loosen Anton Castillo’s hold on Yara and restore power to the people.


Screenshot by Gamepur

In Far Cry 6, you’re bound to come face-to-face with Castillo’s army at some point. After all, they are crawling all over the island and it’s your job to push them back. Clearing out checkpoints is one of the many ways you will bring an end to Anton’s reign. Here’s how to clear out these crucial areas and help restore the power of the people.

Clearing out checkpoints

Clearing out a checkpoint is a pretty simple task since there are only two objectives to complete it. These are:

  • Clear out all the enemies
  • Destroy any and all propaganda

Clearing out the enemies can be done in any way that you prefer. Whether you decide to run in guns blazing or stealthily take out your targets is up to you. One thing to be careful about is the alarms. Checkpoints typically have at least one alarm and it’s important to disable it so Castillo’s forces can’t call for backup.

One thing to note is that there are typically four enemies guarding a checkpoint at any time. Even though they might call for backup if the alarm sounds, you only need to kill the original four guards for it to count. All backup or military vehicles that happen to show up and join the fray are able to be ignored (if you can survive that is).

When it comes to destroying the propaganda, you will want to locate the obvious billboard plastered with Anton Castillo’s face. Use your weapons to destroy it (though some have convenient explosive barrels nearby). We recommend heavy artillery for this. Weapons with explosive rounds, rocket launchers, and even vehicles are easy ways to destroy the billboards quickly.