How to complete a Landscaping skill in Forza Horizon 5

It’s not garden work.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Believe it or not, Forza Horizon 5 players can do some gardening work in Mexico — but it really only goes one way. Drivers can accrue Landscaping skills in FH5, just by destroying certain objects that can be found across the map in Mexico. So, how exactly can one get a Landscaping skill in Forza Horizon 5? Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

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How to get Landscaping skills

The name of the skill does suggest doing some landscaping in Mexico, but it can be a bit tricky. Simply put, Forza Horizon 5 players can get a Landscaping skill just by crushing objects on the side of the road with a vehicle.

However, we should note that trees and bushes that can be broken by a car don’t tend to yield the skill. One should not need to look for stone-constructed barriers, but instead wired and sturdy fences.

Crush those objects with a car, and that will yield the coveted Landscaping skill.

Now, where can you find fences in Forza Horizon 5? Well, it isn’t found in every location in Mexico. However, one place that does have a fair amount of it is inside Guanajuato. At the center of Guanajuato is a park that has a fence around the shrubbery and benches. Crush that fence with a car, and one should be awarded a Landscaping skill in the game.