How to complete A Treat to Beat the Heat in Final Fantasy XIV Online

Stay cool.

The sun is out, and that means the return of The Moonfire Faire to Final Fantasy XIV. The festival will be happening from August 13 to 26, and you want to jump into the action quickly to make sure you can grab all of the available prizes and rewards you can earn. To start the festival, you’ll need to speak with Mayaru Moyaru in the Limsa Lominsia Upper Decks to receive the Unseasonable Chills quest. Once you complete that quest, you’ll unlock access to A Treat to Beat the Heat. This guide details how to complete A Treat to Beat the Heat.

You’ll start the quest by speaking with Nekeke, who has moved behind the food vendor bar next to Haermaga. Nekeke will task you with chatting with three people of Costa del Sol. There will be two on the island where the festival is being held, and the final person will be over by the ferry docks.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you’ve spoken with all three of them, report back to Nekeke on the main island where the Moonfire Faire is happening. With that, the festival can begin, and Nekeke can present their long-awaited dessert to everyone. When the event wraps up, Nekeke offers one of the helpful polar bears who helped retrieve the ice from the water as a companion, giving you the Polar Bear Horn so you can summon a Polar Bear mount. After that, it’ll be the end of the seasonal quests for The Moonfire Faire. You’ll also unlock the “You Say Good, I say Hielo…” achievement.