How to complete Agent Jones Jump 31 – Investigate an anomaly near Catty Corner in Fortnite

Anomaly detected.

Image via Gamepur

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 gives players a chance to relive tiny slices of Agent Jones’ adventures, while also getting some neat new styles for his Battle Pass skin. Jump 31 will ask players to investigate an anomaly at Catty Corner.

For this quest, players want to make their way to the massive bunker just to the east of Catty Corner. Grab some weapons on the way, as there will be some shooting involved.

Make your way down the ramp and you will discover a small door in the wall on the right side. Go in, and you will find a massive vault door. The anomaly is tucked in behind it, but will be just out of reach.

Head back outside and you will discover there are some explosive barrels that you can pick up. Grab one, go back inside, and drop it just behind the door, leaving enough space for you to shoot it.

Walk out of the room then put some shots into the barrel and it will explode, move the door just enough for you to be able to interact with the anomaly and get the new Jonesy style.

This can all be a little awkward, so you are struggling at all, just get the barrel behind the door and then put a few more barrels in the room and shoot one of them. The explosions will set off the barrel behind the door with the same results. Wait for the room to stop burning, then head inside and grab the anomaly.

To unlock the rest of the skins, make sure you check out our guide on unlocking all the different styles which we will be updating as Season 6 progresses.