How to complete Apex Legends Mobile’s Squad Up event

The limited-time event delivers small tasks for big rewards.

Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends Mobile’s limited-time challenges always revolve around a theme of sorts, and the same can be said for the Squad Up event challenges. That is because they all persuade players to join up with friends and play certain modes. As simple as the challenges are, their rewards can help you secure extremely valuable skins, frames, and much more. Here’s how to complete the Squad Event and what you should expect to earn.

How to do the Squad Up challenges in Apex Legends Mobile

You can discover all of the event’s challenges from the Season Event tab in the top-right corner of the main menu. There are five challenges, in total, each tasking you to play either Hack Mode or Battle Royale with at least one friend. Luckily, finding new friends can be breeze, as you can click on the “+” symbol near your Legend to add players you’ve seen in recent matches. There is also a public chat channel in the bottom-left corner where there are always others asking to be a part of a squad.

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In terms of rewards, the event’s biggest offerings are its Phase Current Holo Spray for Fade and Season 2 Currency. Players can unlock up to 5,000 Season 2 Currency through its challenges and can use them to purchase goods from the Distortion Store. The store’s cosmetics will only be up for grabs during Season 2, including rare skins for Gibraltar and Rhapsody. Each Squad Up event reward and challenge can be found listed below.

Screenshot by Gamepur
Squad Up challengesRewards
Play one match with friends in Hack Mode2,000 Season 2 Currency
Play one match with friends in Kings CanyonDouble XP Card
Play two matches with friends in Multiplayer modes3,000 Season 2 Currency
Play two matches with friends in Hack Mode10 Pack Pieces
Play three Battle Royale matches with friendsPhase Current (Fade Holo Spray)

Players should also look toward progressing the Battle Pass while completing each challenge. Even if you only have the free version, you still the opportunity to unlock Rhapsody at no cost. Aside from the newest Legend, the second season also offers Gun Game, a free-for-all mode that lends players stronger weapons with each elimination they obtain.