How to complete Clear the Air in Far Cry 6

Hold your breath.

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You need to prove yourself to Carlos Montero in Far Cry 6, and the first step to doing that is destroying the poisonous farms you can find in Monjas Valley and Tobacco Valley in the Clear the Air quest. You need to visit three locations and destroy all of the poison containers inside them, gaining Carlo’s trust. This guide will break down what you need to do to complete the Clear the Air quest in Far Cry 6.

These are the three locations you can visit to destroy enough poison to gain Carlos’ trust. The toxin is inside the yellow canisters and yellow airplanes that you find at each site.

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You don’t have to destroy all of the poison, only enough to fill the progress bar at the top left of your HUD, which should appear during this quest. You do have to visit all of the locations, though. Each site has larger gas containers and airplanes you can destroy, but the smaller yellow barrels also count towards the total.

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Most of the locations have a sniper waiting for you. If you prefer eliminating them quietly, you’ll want to take a bow or a sniper with a silencer attached to it. Going loud is not recommended because of how much ground you have to cover going between these locations, giving the FND plenty of time to round up enough soldiers to hunt you down, complicating the mission.

After reaching 100% with the progress bar, escape combat for Dani and Carlos to have a quick phone exchange. He’ll call you back to his camp to give you more work, and you’ll have completed Clear the Air.