How to complete Clearing the Cobwebs in Diablo Immortal

Clear out those pesky spiders.

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Bounties are one of the best ways you can level up your character in Diablo Immortal. Each bounty tasks you with collecting specific items in an area, killing certain types of creatures, or defeating creatures in an area. There are plenty of different bounty types that you can take on, with each one offering rewards and experience for their completion. The bounty Clearing the Cobwebs stands out amongst the others and may be one of the first that you come across when you gain access to the bounty board. Here is how you complete the Clearing the Cobwebs bounty in Diablo Immortal.

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How to unlock bounties

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You will unlock the bounty board pretty early on in the story. Once you complete the Ashwold Cemetery section of the game, you will head to Westmarch and talk to Charsi. After progressing through the story, you will end up at the bounty board in the Palace Courtyard. When you reach the bounty board, you will be tasked with collecting your first bounties and completing at least one. When interacting with the bounty board, you can tap the symbol with the two arrows at the top of each of the bounty cards to reroll them. After completing a bounty, return to the board to turn it in and claim your reward.

Completing Clearing the Cobwebs

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For the Clearing the Cobwebs bounty, you will need to go back to Ashwold Cemetery. Once there, you can select the bounty from the quest menu to auto-navigate to the area where the spiders are located. This bounty will task you with killing 50 spiders in the cemetery. The area you will go for in this bounty is Lord’s Rest. This is the area to the far north of the cemetery. Once there, you simply need to roam around the area until you have killed enough spiders to complete the bounty. Head back to Westmarch to claim your reward, or stay in the cemetery to complete more bounties or look for hidden lairs.