How to complete Gunsmith Part 2 in Escape from Tarkov

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Once players reach level 11 in Escape from Tarkov, the Mechanic will offer the quest Gunsmith – Part 2. This weapon is a mid-ranged compact assault rifle based on the famous AK platform. Only four pieces are needed for this weapon build to be completed, but the pieces required can be more difficult to find from Traders alone. The good news is that by accepting this quest, the Mechanic will offer the base weapon platform to work on, the AKS-74U.

How to complete Gunsmith – Part 2

Again, there are many possible configurations to succeed at this weapon build. The overall requirements set forth by the Mechanic are as follows:

  • Durability of 60 or higher
  • 58 Ergo or higher
  • Less than 550 Recoil
  • Sighting range minimum of 100
  • 3.5kg weight or less
  • Taking no more than six inventory slots
  • Using both of the following items:
    • AKS074U Zenit B-11 Handguard
    • AK-74 5.45×39 6L31 60-round mag

If you’re wanting to dodge the flea market, the only Trader needed to be above level 1 is Prapor, who needs to be at level 4 unless the quest Ice Cream Cones has been completed, which moves the level requirement to level 2. Prapor is a relatively quick trader to level, but players ultimately have the option regarding how they source the materials.

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Parts needed for the AKS-74U build in Gunsmith – Part 2

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The simplest build for this uses items from Traders, but they can also be purchased on the flea market if preferred.

  • AKS074U Zenit B-11 Handguard (Skier level 1)
  • AK-74 5.45×39 6L31 60-round mag (Prapor level 2/level 4)
  • KAC vertical foregrip (Peacekeeper)
    • Note: any Picatinny/1913 rails-styled vertical foregrip will work, but ensure you’re keeping the weight down.
  • AL Zenit RP-1 charging handle

It’s a cheap build, meaning the reward of 60,000 Roubles gets to go into the pocket of the player instead of being used to recoup the costs of the build. With the few requirements, there isn’t too much build leeway with this quest, but the return on investment shouldn’t have players seeking other means of completion.

How to assemble the AKS for Tarkov’s Gunsmith Part 2

Assembling this weapon platform will require a bit more work than the first Gunsmith quest did. Players will need to first remove specific pieces from the offered AKS-74U: the magazine and the handguard (marked as 6P26 Sb.6).

Screenshot by Gamepur

From here, add the 60-round magazine, then add the new handguard with the Picatinny rail system (AKS074U Zenit B-11 Handguard) on the gas block. With the Picatinny in place, you can then add the vertical foregrip onto the handguard. The Zenit charging handle goes next to the 60-round magazine, and the weapon system is ready for turn-in. Ensure that you fold the weapon stock inward by middle-mouse clicking in order to turn this quest in.