How to complete Kitsune operator mission Security Expert in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

Expert in her field.


Image via Call of Duty Leaks

Kitsune is a new operator that was introduced to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone in Season 5. You can get access to Kitsune by purchasing the premium Season Pass. Like all the other pass-exclusive operators, Kitsune has a special mission and challenges that you can complete.

The mission is called Security Expert and consists of four different challenges that will need to be completed in order.

All Security Expert operator mission tasks

These are all of the tasks you need to complete to unlock Kitsune’s rewards for operator mission Perseus Mercenary.

  • Kill 25 enemies with SMGs.
  • Kill 10 enemies that are revealed by your field mic or friendly recon drone.
  • Kill 10 enemies that are near a decoy grenade.
  • Hack 5 enemy field upgrades with the Spycraft perk.

The first objective is quite simple and involves getting 25 kills with SMGs in either Cold War multiplayer or Warzone. A pretty good weapon to use is the new TEC-9 that has been added in Season 5. It is certainly much quicker to pick up all these kills in Cold War multiplayer due to the increased regularity of gunfights.

The Field Mic is a loadout option that players can place on the ground, and it will highlight all enemy sounds around them on their minimap. Killing players that have been highlighted is the aim of the game, so setting up shop in a busy part of a small map is the quickest way to get this challenge finished. Simple place down the Field Mic, then take out everyone who comes your way and rinse and repeat unit the challenge is done. This is definitely the quickest way to complete this challenge.

The Decoy Grenade allows you to throw a grenade that will then simulate footsteps, and as long as an enemy is within a certain radius of the device, they will count toward the challenge when you kill them. It will play the sound of footsteps for 14 seconds before self-destructing.

The Spycraft perks will highlight enemy devices like Field Mics or Decoy Grenades and allow players to hack them by interacting with them. All players need to do is equip the perk, then run around the map until they find and upgrade five enemy devices. It only takes a second to hack a device so it won’t take very long.