How to complete Second Son in Far Cry 6

A joyful reunion.

After gaining Carlo’s trust in Far Cry 6, he asks for a favor from you to help liberate Miguel from prison. Miguel is like a son to Carlos, and asking you to complete this task is stepping out of his comfort zone, but he needs your help. This guide details everything you need to do to complete the Second Son mission in Far Cry 6.

How to steal a military Paria truck

The first step to Carlo’s plan to free Miguel involves you stealing a Paria truck. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have one on hand. At first, the only advice the quest has for you is to check out any of the main roads in the region.

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There are several locations you can find these trucks all over Costa Del Mar. We could wait by the main road directly south of Montero Farm and found one in less than a minute. However, the game later refers you to the baseball stadium in Verdera, which you can visit, but both work.

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After you’ve obtained the truck, you’ll call Carlos and have to meet up at a gas station in Fuego Valley. Drive the truck inside of the garage, and you’ll be placed in the back.

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Freeing Miguel

When you arrive at the prison, Miguel will not be with the ones breaking out. So you’ll have to stay behind and break him out. After the cutscene, you’ll be placed behind some crates, with multiple guards in front of you. You should take the stairs directly behind you and follow them, keeping to the outside of the prison. You can find Miguel on the west side, inside a cell. You have to find a key in the guard’s room to get him out.

The guard’s room is on the second floor of the prison, the far back. Multiple guards are blocking your path from getting there. You can approach this in several ways, but you’re better off staying as quiet as possible. To remain silent, keep to the base’s perimeter, taking out the guards on the outskirts using a silenced weapon. Next, make your way around the base, to the north side, and enter through the front. From there, you should have access to a staircase that you can go up and reach the guard’s office in the far back.

You can disable three alarms along the way, and if you get caught, eliminating them is highly advised to ensure reinforcements don’t arrive.

The next step is to get out with Miguel. You can choose to do this on foot or take a vehicle from the compound to make your way to the same gas station you used for the prison truck.

After arriving, you’ll take Miguel home, and a cutscene will play out as you complete the mission.