How to complete Simulated Universe World 5 in Honkai Star Rail

The battles might be simulated, but the sting that comes with losing is real.

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Honkai Star Rail blends two unlikely worlds: The Matrix and Dungeons & Dragons, thanks to Herta’s Simulated Universe. You’ll find yourself in a Matrix-like world filled with enemies that aren’t too dissimilar from the ones you encounter in the real world. Defeat them, and you’ll receive blessings — cards that upgrade your characters. But beware, as the game takes a turn for the more serious in its third edition. Things can get pretty intense without the right team, placement, and blessings. It’s like playing D&D but with less imagination and more auto-battles. This guide will lead you through the Simulated Universe Part 5 and help you defeat its challenges.

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Simulated Universe 5: Best Team and Character Placement

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When building a team in Honkai Star Rail, players should follow the standard rule of thumb, including a Tank, Healer, Support/Debuffer, and DPS. 

The dream team for The Simulated Universe Part 5 is March 7th, Natasha, Dan Heng, and Physical Trailblazer

To bring the heat to the battlefield, consider enlisting the services of Physical Trailblazer and Dan Heng to do some devastating breaks. If you happen to have a skilled fighter who can dish out profound physical, wind, or imaginary damage — say, Welt — then it’s time to make Fire Trailblazer the tank and give March 7th a much-needed break.

The placement of characters depends on their Path, as each Path draws different aggro levels. Tanks should be placed on one end of the team, followed by the healer, who can soak up any AOE attacks targeted at the tank. Support characters should be placed after the healer, followed by DPS characters, who should avoid getting hit. 

By following these guidelines, players can build and place their teams effectively and increase their chances of success in battles.

Simulated Universe 5: Best Blessings, Enemy Weaknesses & Recommended Level

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To beat the Simulated Universe Part 5 in Honkai Star Rail, players should follow the recommended level of 60 and bring in characters that inflict Lightning, Wind, or Imaginary damage.

The best blessings for this level are Abundance blessings, which should be stacked on the team. A debuff dispels method can cheese the fight. That means players should aim to pick up the following blessings:

  • Three-star Resonance Formation: Anicca
  • Two-star Abundance Salvation From Damnation. If you can, enhance this one.
  • One-star preservation Construct: Rotation

Remember that The Abundance Path unlocks during your attempt at World 5. So for the first shot, either fail on purpose or try the other paths.