How to complete Spur of the Moment in Far Cry 6

A horror story.

In Spur of the Moment, Elvis Carballo had his favorite spurs stolen from him by Gordito, who rigged a cockfight in Far Cry 6. You’ll have the chance to steal those spurs back from Gordito and return them to Elvis, one way or another. You’ll gain access to this quest after you reach Montero Farm and unlock this area.

When you receive Spur of the Moment, you’ll have to find where Gordito is hiding them. You can find his location in Aguas Lindas, in Catalejo Ridge. This is a rank seven area.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you reach the location, you’ll find the entrance to Gordito’s place on the side of a hill. It looks like the beginning of a massive underground bunker. You need to head inside there, and your waypoint should lead you to the front door to the facility.

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Head through the entryway, and follow the path through the bunker. You’ll find Gordito’s body on the ground in front of a bunker door. There’s a bunker key next to him that you need to grab to enter his hideout and find those spurs. You need to follow the pathway down through the facility, with Dani consistently adding their input to Elvis regarding how creepy and messed up the location is. Eventually, you’ll reach an underground section where a massive rooster will be waiting for you. You can eliminate the rooster using whatever weapons you want to use, and then you can collect the spurs.

Once you have the spurs, you’re not out of the woods yet. You now need to retrace your steps and escape the facility, with multiple roosters spawning around you, chasing after you. It’s highly advised you ignore these roosters and make it to the entrance, grabbing the truck sitting at the entrance. When you clear the underground area, Dani and Elvis will have a brief exchange on the phone before you need to return to Montero Farm. You can fast travel to this location to save yourself some time.

You can return the spurs to Elvis, and you’ll complete the quest.