How to complete the Carted Away quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Lend Arn your wand.


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Carted Away is a side quest in Hogwarts Legacy you can access as soon as you unlock the world map. It tasks you with returning enchanted carts that have been stolen by Ranrok’s forces in the Hogsfield area. This guide explains how to complete the quest so that you can earn the best rewards.

Carted Away quest walkthrough

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You start Carted Away in Lower Hogsfield. This is the first region of the wider World Map outside of Hogwarts that you’re given access to. You need to speak to a Goblin named Arn, who is standing stunned among the high grass here. He’ll explain that some of Ranrok’s followers were displeased with him and stole his carts. He asks that you free them so they can return to him, thanks to an enchantment he placed on them.

Step 1: Find Ranrok’s encampment

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Your first goal is to find the encampment where Ranrok’s followers have taken Arn’s carts. The path will be laid out for you on the map, so follow it through the woods. There’s very little danger in this area, though you should be at least level 11 if you want to make it past the enemies you do come across. You can find and fight Thornback Shooters in the woods and claim their Spider Fangs for your ingredients store.

Step 2: Raid the encampment

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Once you reach the camp, you have a couple of options. You can either sneak in and take the Goblins by surprise, or you can start shooting as soon as you arrive and hope you’re strong enough to take them all down before they overwhelm you. We found that it was easier to take down the two Goblins outside the camp first, then head in and tackle the others one by one.

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There are two optional objectives to complete with this quest. The first is to reflect a crossbow bolt back at a Goblin. You can easily achieve this by casting Protego and holding it until you Stupefy an enemy nearby. It’s beneficial to leave the crossbow Goblins until last since you can reflect all of their bolts and the other Goblins to remove shields and deal more damage. The second optional objective is to keep two Goblins airborne for five seconds. We struggled with this one, but if you cast Accio and Levioso and send one wand blast at a time at a pair of Goblins, you should be able to complete the objective. We found it was better to wait until there were only two Goblins left before attempting this.

Step 3: Free the carts and return to Arn

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To free the carts in the camp, walk up to the large gates and press the indicated button. This frees the carts, which will start to wheel themselves back to Arn. You should search the camp for any and all chests while you have the chance, then you can fast travel back to Lower Hogsfield and speak to Arn. He’ll thank you and give you a Goblin-Made Helment cosmetic item as a reward. After a time, he’ll also become a new vendor for you to use.