How to win at Crossed Wands duels in Hogwarts Legacy

Become the school champion.


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Crossed Wands duels are something you can unlock early on in your journey through Hogwarts Legacy. They take place at a secretive dueling club where students compete to show they’re the best of the best when it comes to mastery of their spells in combat. This guide explains how to win all three Crossed Wands duels so you don’t find yourself at the bottom of the pile.

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How to win at Crossed Wands duels

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There are three Crossed Wands duels in total in Hogwarts Legacy. You can battle each one solo or bring a friend with you. When asked if you want to duel with a partner, we recommend always saying yes. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, so pick the one you’d like to develop a friendship with most since this will aid your relationship’s progress.

Make use of the training dummy

There’s a training dummy you can use to practice a few spells and combinations between rounds. We recommend using the dummy a few times, completing the challenges associated with it, just to get used to juggling enemies. It shows you that with the right combination of Accio and Levioso, you can keep an enemy in the air and hit them with dozens of shots without them ever having a chance to touch you.

Crossed Wands first round

The first round sees you face off against two students. This is easy in a pair because you can target one student each. Keep an eye out for the incoming spell indicator and block each time to avoid taking damage. This is also a good opportunity to hold your block and cast Stupefy at your enemy, leaving them open for a few hits afterward. In this round, you’ll come up against enemies with yellow and blue shields. Use Accio to remove a blue shield and pull an enemy close to you for a few free hits. Use Levioso to remove a yellow shield and give yourself a chance to pummel that student with wand blasts. If your health gets too low, drink a potion and push on to defeat this pair of students.

Crossed Wands second round

The second round of Crossed Wands pits you against three students. They’ll still only have blue and yellow shields, but the additional enemy makes this a more challenging fight. Try to focus on one student at a time. Dodge or block incoming attacks, and know that you can cast Protego and hold it to use Stupefy on a different enemy. This allows you to keep an enemy’s shield down so you can finish them faster. If you’re hit with Accio or Levioso, follow the onscreen button prompt to escape it. If you don’t, you’ll be hit by the student that cast the spell. Focus on one enemy at a time, and you should finish this round easily.

Crossed Wands championship round

The third and final round of Crossed Wands is the championship round. This round sees you face off against four students, and it’s the toughest of them all. This round introduces red shields, which can only be broken with the use of fire spells such as Incendio. Focus on dealing with the students with blue and yellow shields first since you can damage them from a distance. You can use Ancient Magic in this round, so pull in any objects you see to damage the students faster. Thrown objects also break shields, meaning you can remove a red shield without needing to get too close with the Incendio spell. As with every round, focusing on one enemy at a time will help you defeat them faster. Keep blocking and dodging where required, and you’ll get through the round with ease. We suggest stocking up on a few potions beforehand, though, since we worked our way through three by the end.

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What do you get for completing all the Crossed Wands duels?

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When you’ve completed all three rounds of Crossed Wands, you’ll be rewarded with the Crossed Wands Champion Garb for your collection. This is the only reward you’ll get from the club, and it’s one of the better appearance items you can earn this early in the game.