How to complete the Cold From Above Assassination in Hokkaido Snow Festival in Hitman 3

Don’t let him see it coming, 47.


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Hokkaido Snow Festival adds a lot to Hitman 3 for players to explore and accomplish. In addition to new Feats, there are a couple of new Assassinations to tackle. This guide explains how to complete the Cold From Above Assassination, leaving you free to take on some of the other challenges in the event.


To complete this assassination, you need to kill the target by dropping a massive icicle on them. To do this, you need a pistol, but unless you have one of the advanced starting locations unlocked, this is quite tricky. We recommend starting in the restaurant and smuggling a pistol through the staff bathroom.

Step 1: Get your pistol

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You need to get to your pistol as fast as possible, so follow these instructions quickly. From your starting location, head downstairs to the bathroom. Just inside the door is a guard. Knock him out and take his disguise. Don’t bother to hide the body because no one will come down to find him. See below for a map reference for this bathroom.

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Now you need to leave the bathroom and go through the door just outside of it. This is usually locked to all but security staff, but because you’re wearing a security disguise, you can go through. Since we’re not trying to get a Silent Assassin rank, it doesn’t matter if the camera spots you as you go through. Follow the icon on your map to your hidden weapon.

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Step 2: Get to the garden

Once you’ve picked up your weapon, our choice was the Goldballer; you need to retrace your steps to the restaurant. From there, go outside and into the garden. Run up the slope, being careful to avoid the security guard on your left that might spot you, and you should see the target leaning on the edge of the balcony. There’s a security guard near him, but you should be allowed to hold a pistol in your current disguise. 

Step 3: Kill the target and leave

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To kill the target and complete the Cold From Above Assassination, you need to shoot the giant icicle above the target while they are leaning against this balcony. The icicle will fall and kill them, counting as an accidental kill. Be sure to hide behind the nearby ice structure while shooting the icicle.

Once you’ve killed the target, run to the top left-hand corner of the garden and slide down the drainpipe there. You can get onto another drainpipe at the bottom and access the staff quarters through the open window at the bottom of the second drainpipe.

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Go through the staff quarters and the door. Now you’re back in the corridor between the bathroom where you acquired your disguise earlier and the smuggled weapon location. Head back to the bathroom and retrieve your starting outfit. Ours was the Snow Festival Suit. The last thing you need to do is run through the restaurant and the rest of the facility to an exit.

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