How to complete the Dark Talisman quest in Stardew Valley

More than just farming.

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After completing the Community Center bundles or doing all the Joja Mart tasks (the evil route), you will start the Dark Talisman quest as soon as you visit the train station in the mountains. The Wizard will explain that he needs his magic ink back from his ex-wife (the Witch), and to enter her lair, he needs the Dark Talisman. He states that he doesn’t know where it is but tells you to ask Krobus, the shadow-being living in the sewers.

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Stardew Valley – Dark Talisman quest part one

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If you do not have the sewer key, you’ll have to donate at least 60 items to the museum to get it and continue with the quest. Artifacts and minerals can be found when you dig up worms from anywhere on the map or within any of the mines. If you have the key, head down and talk to Krobus, he’s the only character in the sewers.

Stardew Valley – Dark Talisman quest part two

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Krobus will explain that he dropped the Dark Talisman in the Mutant Bug Lair and that you will have to retrieve it. The lair entrance is on the door on the left side of the sewers, with green sludge coming out of it. The Bug Lair is short, so keep heading north, and you’ll find the treasure chest housing the Dark Talisman. Once obtained, leave and head back to the mountains where you first spoke with the Wizard.

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Stardew Valley – Dark Talisman quest part three

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Use the Dark Talisman to get rid of the statue blocking your way to the Witch’s hut. Upon entering, you will be blocked by a Goblin. The only way to get past him is to give him void mayonnaise, which you get from void chickens laying void eggs. If you don’t have void mayonnaise, you can buy a void egg from Krobus and turn it into mayo using a mayo machine. After giving it to the Goblin, he will let you pass. Walk into the Witch’s hut and grab the ink off the table. Stepping on the red sign on the floor will teleport you directly to the Wizard’s house.

After speaking to the Wizard, he will reward you by opening up his shop and allowing you to build magical buildings on your farm. These buildings include the Jumino Hut, which houses Jumino spirits that collect crops off your farm, and the Obelisks, which will teleport you to certain areas of the map.