How to complete the Freedom Challenge in BitLife

Happy Fourth of July weekend, BitLife players.

Image via Candywriters

To celebrate July 4, BitLife will be holding the Freedom Challenge over the weekend. Players will have the chance to celebrate the independence of the United States through a series of tasks. Upon completing these tasks, players will receive a unique reward for their profile that they can wear on all of their characters.

These are the tasks for the Freedom Challenge.

  • Be born in the United States
  • Join any branch of the military
  • Achieve the rank of General or Admiral
  • Get deployed 3+ times
  • Serve until you’re forced to retire

When creating your character this challenge or using one, make sure the character was born in the United States. Any character not born in the United States will not be viable for this challenge, and you won’t be able to complete it. Therefore, you’re better off creating a character born in the United States to make sure you complete it properly.

The next step is to join any branch of the military. Your character will have the opportunity to enter the military once they exit High School and become 18. Instead of going to college or choosing a profession, your character has the option to join the military. You can do this at any point. However, your character needs to become a General or Admiral. To do this, you’re better off spending at least four years at a University and then becoming a General. You will need a four-year degree and to spend many years in the Military to make it happen.

The four-year degree requirement goes for both General and Admiral. Make sure to go to college when you leave high school instead of immediately entering the military, or you will not be able to complete this challenge.

The next step is to be deployed at least three times. The tricky part with being deployed is completing a mini-game, which becomes more difficult each time you’re deployed. It’s a minesweeper-like game, and we’ve broken down the rules and the best way to survive this game. If you fail the game, your character becomes horribly hurt, and they are discharged from the military, which prevents you from finishing the challenge.

The last bit for the Freedom Challenge is to make sure you remain in the military until you retire. Your character will have the option to retire when they’re in their 60’s, so you’ll have to remain in the military as a General or an Admiral until this happens.

Upon completing the challenge, you will receive a random appearance item for your trouble that you can wear on any character you create on their BitLife account.