How military deployment works in BitLife

Survive your military deployment.

Image via Candywriter

You can choose to start your life after leaving high school by going to college or joining the military in BitLife. Joining the military is never an easy decision, and it does come with several challenges. When you enlist in the military and join the army as a recruit, you’re going to find yourself being sent out into military deployment. When this happens, you’ll have to face off against a minesweeper-like game that you have to overcome and win. If you don’t, your character might be hurt and face further consequences. The military deployment mini-game is a little confusing, so we’re going to break it down.

Every few years while serving in the military, your commander will inform you that you’re going to be deployed. When that happens, you’ll go to this screen, and it’ll be a large grid. Each deployment becomes more challenging, so each time your character goes to battle, the grid becomes larger, and you have to place down more flags.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You have a certain number of flags you have to place down, which is the number of mines hiding on the grid. Your goal is to narrow down the location of those mines and make sure not to touch time. Each time you press a tile on the grid, the grid fills up, and it shows you where a mine is hiding. The numbers on the tile show how many sides a mine is touching that space. So, if there are multiple tiles with a one, you know that one side of those tiles is touching a mine, and if there’s a two, then two sides of a tile are touching a mine or mines.

Each military deployment game in BitLife will be different, so surviving these mini-games can be tricky. Your best bet is to take it slow, fill up the grid as much as possible, and slowly narrow down the mine locations by filling out multiple sides of the grid. If you hold down on a space, you’ll place a flag down, which is a signal that a mine is there.

If your character hits a mine, they suffer quite a bit of damage, and their happiness, looks, and health stats drop dramatically. On the bottom of the grid, you always have the option to desert your post, but equally negative consequences can happen to you if your military unit discovers you deserted.

For those who played minesweeper, it can be a tough game. We recommend taking your time with each military deployment mini-game.