How to complete The Illumination quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Each of the residents in Disney Dreamlight Valley has an entire quest line for you to follow. After helping Woody out with various tasks as he gets adjusted to his new life, he has one final task for you. He wants you to help him fix up the carousel’s lights. To do this, you will need plenty of childhood memories. This is no ordinary carousel, after all, it is powered by magic. This guide will show you how to complete The Illumination quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Illumination quest guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After helping Woody fix up the Carousel and get his Alien Toy friends back, he has one final quest for you: fix the carousel lights. Talk to Woody and he will tell you that he discovered that the chest inside the carousel affects the lights. Go inside and search the carousel. You will find a note telling you that you need childhood memories to power the lights. Return to Woody and he will have you get items from Kristoff, Moana, and Ariel.

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Visit the three residents and get their childhood memory items: a Music Box, Tiny Troll Figure, and Conch Shell. Afterward, talk to Woody and he will suggest adding one more item: a picture of you, him, and Buzz enjoying a Blanket Fort. Now you just need to construct a Blanket Fort. To do so, you will need the following materials:

  • 40 Softwood
  • 5 Cotton
  • 4 Fabric
  • 4 Rope
  • 5 Glass

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You can get Softwood in any of the biomes, Cotton can be grown from seeds bought in the Sunlit Plateau, Fabric is made from Cotton, Rope is made from Fiber, and Glass is made from Sand. Once you have all the materials, craft a Blanket Fort at any of the Crafting Stations around the valley. When the fort is complete, place it down anywhere in the valley and you will automatically get set up for a picture. Take the picture and talk to Woody to complete the quest and get the carousel running again.