How to complete the KBI tutorial in MultiVersus

Your controller is fine, don’t break it!

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With Warner Bros. fighting game MultiVersus only recently starting with the Open Beta, there were bound to be a few hiccups here and there. The game provides a pretty in-depth tutorial with an advanced portion, one part of which is the KBI, standing for KnockBack Influence. However, this tutorial part has a known issue for all players, but most notably for the PC players. Follow our guide to see what it’s all about.

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What is Knockback Influence in MultiVersus

This maneuver, called KBI for short, is a measure of control and protection that the player can exert when they are about to be knocked out from the screen. Put simply, the players can use the opposite force from the direction they’ve been knocked away in to mitigate some of the momentum of the hit. The KBI tutorial mainly teaches this move through two different scenarios.

KBI Tutorial and how to complete it

The first part of the tutorial is pretty straightforward. The AI Reindog will keep knocking you out at several different heights, with the goal being to use KBI to aim yourself at a small wall block to save yourself from getting rung out. After mastering the move, you should have no issue with this part.

The following part is the problematic bit. In this lesson, Wonder Woman will use her Shield Bash move to knock you up into the sky. However, due to some balance changes that occurred between alpha and beta versions of the game, this move will always knock you out because your character starts at 100 damage for the purpose of the tutorial.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There’s not much you can normally do about it, no matter how much you press the needed directions (down + left by default). If you’re a completionist and on Xbox or PlayStation, you can cheese this part by holding the directions and then going to the dashboard just as you get hit. This will, for some reason, adjust your trajectory to safety. But for the PC players, there is no way to circumvent this until there’s a fix.

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However, except for clearing the sign that you’ve completed this advanced tutorial, there is no further benefit from doing it other than learning the move itself, so you can safely exit and play the game normally.