MultiVersus tier list – The best characters in MultiVersus

Double Taz vs Double Taz anyone?

Screenshot via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

For a game as young as MultiVersus, it is amazing how quickly a semblance of a meta has crystalized. The Warner Bros. brawler game has taken the fighting game fans by storm, with obvious similarities to Smash Bros, Brawlhalla, and others, bringing in players looking for something fresh to dig into.

Factors that affect the meta in MultiVersus

In the time in which players have gotten into MultiVersus, it has become more apparent which colorful characters are better than the others. The support characters could certainly use another look by the developers, as they seem to be too niche to really influence the matches they’re in. Meanwhile, the game’s fast pace and elastic controls make some characters’ abilities too ponderous to execute in a real-time scenario. On the other hand, bruisers are dominating the game, as expected, with assassin characters nipping at their heels.

Image via Steam

The variety of hitbox sizes also plays a major part, with the Iron Giant, for example, proving to be a bit too big of a target to pull off his nasty combos without getting whacked. Reach is another factor to consider, as the priority in simultaneous hits and frame overlap plays a major part in determining if you are the hitter or the one being hit.

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Who are the best characters in MultiVersus?

S+ Tier

  • Taz

So strong that Taz had to have his own tier at the top, he has been a menace during the Open Beta. This is due to the combined factor of his insane mobility paired with his OP (and easy to use) ability Taz-nado, which is (unlike other similar abilities) extremely difficult to get away, cancel, or disrupt. Knocking enemies off the map left and right, it has gotten to the point where the devs have acknowledged that it’s a problem and are looking into it. But until then, Taz is the strongest character in MultiVersus.

S Tier

  • Batman
  • Harley Quinn
  • Shaggy

These characters are some of the best in MultiVersus, for good reasons. Their kits are well balanced and cover various situations, including mobility, damage, mitigation, and range. We did not expect to place Shaggy here, but his kit is surprisingly strong and versatile, and he can easily be a menace on the battlefield. All three of them require little effort to excel in matches.

A tier

  • Arya Stark
  • Jake the Dog
  • Superman
  • Wonder Woman

These characters have a good chance to win any match. They are just on the cusp of being great, and in the hands of someone who understands their moves, they can surpass higher-tiered ones. Except Arya, all these characters excel at creating and controlling space for themselves and their partners, which shows just how important that aspect of the game is.

B Tier

  • Bugs Bunny
  • Finn the Human
  • Tom & Jerry

These characters might not be the strongest but fit nicely in the mid-tier. They can be extremely potent in the hands of experts who have practiced their moves to perfection, especially as surprise picks against more meta comps. However, they tend to fall behind in one or more categories or have an obvious flaw that makes them more difficult to pilot to victory and those all-important ringouts.

C Tier

  • Garnet
  • Reindog
  • Velma

These characters are decent at best but, more often than not, a liability to their team. They have one or two gimmicks that keep them from the bottom tier, such as Reindog’s Love Leash or Velma’s Motivational Speaker. However, no matter how you look at it, these characters need to be carried to get wins in serious matches.

D Tier

  • Iron Giant
  • Steven Universe

The bottom of the barrel. These two characters have major issues that make them almost unviable in the game’s current state. As mentioned earlier, Iron Giant is just too big of a target, and no amount of knockback resistance can help him once the damage starts piling in. His abilities are too complicated for the payoff they give. On the other hand, Steven suffers from a severely underpowered kit that is borderline ineffectual. His best contribution is not falling off the platform. Unless they get some major changes, these two will sadly remain throw picks.