How to complete the Keenbridge Merlin Trial in Hogwarts Legacy

Merlin would be proud.

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The world of Hogwarts Legacy is filled with various secrets to find and puzzles for you to solve. Among the puzzles in the game are the various Merlin Trials. Each of these tasks is like a miniature puzzle for you to complete. Complete enough of them and you get inventory upgrades – a much-needed upgrade as you start collecting more gear. One of the more confusing Merlin Trials is the one found in Keenbridge. This guide will show how to complete the Keenbridge Merlin Trial in Hogwarts Legacy.

Keenbridge Merlin Trial solution in Hogwarts Legacy

Keenbridge is a small hamlet to the south of Hogwarts. While you won’t visit this area right away, you will definitely visit it once you get your hands on a broom and can fly around the map. Keenbridge is along the river that runs south of Hogwarts and is a little north of the Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame fast travel point.

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When you reach Keenbridge, you can find the Merlin Trial next to the bridge that runs across the river. Make sure that you have plenty of Mallowsweet before you go so you can activate the trial when you get there. With the Merlin Trial active, make your way to the tree behind Fatimah’s shop. There, you will see a large stone ball with multiple symbols on it next to a wooden ramp.

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In order to move the ball, you will need to use the Depulso spell that is taught by Professor Sharp. Use Depulso to move the ball over the ramp and into the center of the hamlet. Continue to use Depulso to get the ball across the bridge next to the trial’s start point.

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On the other side of the bridge, you will see a large divot in the ground that is made of stone. Use Depulso to push the ball into the divot. When the ball hits the bottom, vines will appear and the Merlin Trial will be complete.