How to complete the Many Islands, One Legend quest in Lost Ark

X doesn’t always mark the spot, but a dig icon might instead.

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Temma, a former treasure hunter, found herself stranded long-term on Lost Ark’s White Wave Island after her ship catastrophically sank. Now too afraid of the sea to pursue her old leads, she offers passing adventurers the chance to get first dibs on the treasures of three remote islands, should they be able to track down her clues and bring their findings back to her.

First stop: The Peyto

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Before players can set sail in search of treasure, they first need to find out where exactly they should be sailing. Returning to the Peyto, Temma’s old stomping grounds, these players will find Ingran, one of Temma’s fellow treasure hunters, who can shed some light on the treasure she was after.

Standing near the Peyto’s starboard stern, he informs the player of the Triplets, a series of three islands upon which a trio of former hunters managed to stash their valuables. The three also buried the maps hinting at the locations of their treasures on the sandy shores of each island, creating an additional hunt for anyone after what they hid.

Encompassing the hunt for maps, the player will sail to each of the Triplets, one after another, to help Temma piece together the trio’s hidden treasure.

  • White Wave Island
  • Little Luck Island
  • Outlaw Isle

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White Wave Island

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The first map can be found buried in loose soil to the northwest of White Wave Island. Lying coincidentally right next to Temma’s shack, this dirt mound can simply be interacted with in order to retrieve the map.

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Little Luck Island

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Not much stands on this extremely small island beyond a lonely pair of palm trees. Buried in the sand between them, however, is another of the hunters’ three maps.

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Outlaw Isle

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Obtaining the final map from Outlaw Isle can be particularly difficult to accomplish for a handful of different reasons. For starters, the island exists to the west of Procyon’s wall, meaning that players must bear a total item level of at least 460 and complete Yorn’s quest line in order to sail to it.

Additionally, Outlaw Isle is one of the very few locations in Arkesia to feature always-active PvP combat. In the context of completing this quest, this means that other players who disembark at the same time as would-be treasure hunters can attack and kill them while they search for the island’s map.

Braving these conditions, players can find the map buried in the northeast shoreline of this tiny island, around where the waves crest onto the beach. With all three maps in their possession, players can bring them back to Temma to complete the quest and receive their reward.

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