How to complete the Murder on the Dancefloor Challenge in BitLife

Dance until you can’t dance anymore.

Image via Candywriters

For those playing BitLife, here’s your chance to complete the Murder on the Dancefloor Challenge. In this Challenge, you’ll have to focus on building up your career as a prominent DJ, followed by clubbing quite a bit. It’s a healthy balance of working and enjoying yourself at the clubs. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the Murder on the Dancefloor Challenge in BitLife.

All tasks to complete the Murder on the Dancefloor Challenge in BitLife

Similar to the other tasks throughout BitLife, there are a handful of tasks you’re going to need to finish. They will need to be performed on a single character, and it might be better to start with someone brand new, depending on the characters you have on your profile.

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Here are all the tasks you need to complete the Murder on the Dancefloor Challenge.

  • Become a famous DJ
  • Accept 5+ drinks while clubbing
  • Hook up with 5+ people while clubbing
  • Club someone to death without getting caught

For the first task, your character will need to reach 18. From there, you will need to go to the Occupation tab and look for the job that says “Disk Jockey.” It is one of the many random careers you can accept as a BitLife character. However, it won’t always be there. We recommend closing the application and refreshing it if you do not see it. Return to the Occupation page to see if the job is available. When it is, apply for it, and hopefully you will land the job. You can try again in the future if things don’t work out for you. To become famous for this role, you will need to work hard and remain in this career for several years, becoming a celebrity.

The next two tasks are to accept drinks and hook up with five people while clubbing. You can do this by going to the Activities tab and scrolling down to the Nightlife option. You’ll be able to visit a club from this page, and there’s a random chance someone will offer you a drink and they might try to hook up with you. It might help to set your character’s Look stat as high as possible, increasing your chances of someone finding you attractive, wanting to hook up with you, or buying you a drink.

After you’ve done all this, you need to commit the crime of clubbing someone to death. To do this, you must go to the Activities tab and scroll down to the Crime tab. There will be an option to take someone out, and you want to make sure you use the club as a murder weapon. However, avoiding getting caught is another matter and is partially random. We recommend not attacking someone you know and attempting to go after someone who is a stranger, making it easier to escape.

Upon completing these tasks, you will have completed the Murder on the Dancefloor challenge. When you’re finished, you will receive a random appearance item for your profile.