How to complete the Pioneer Scout shooting test in Fallout 76

Take aim scouts!

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Fallout 76 is filled with various tasks for you to complete. While most of these tasks will come in the form of quests, there are some tasks that are small challenges for you to complete. The Pioneer Scouts are looking for new recruits. If you join them, you will be tasked with completing various objectives that prove you are a worthy candidate. You will have to do everything from reviving an ally to controlling pests. This guide will show you how to complete the Pioneer Scout shooting test in Fallout 76.

How to find and complete the Pioneer Scout shooting test in Fallout 76

Before you can complete the Pioneer Scout shooting test, you will need to join the Pioneer Scouts. This is done by going to the Pioneer Scout Camp in the northern part of the map. This location can be found just north of the Grafton Dam where the tower is on the map. Once you reach the camp, talk to the Mr. Handy Robot to the left after walking through the entrance. He will get you initiated into the scouts.

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After joining the scouts, from the entrance of the camp, head to the right and go to the other side of the mess hall building. You will see a small bridge. Cross the bridge and the shooting range is on the other side. Before you can start this test, you will need a crossbow. Luckily, you can grab the plans for the crossbow next to where the speaker box is in the shooting range.

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Head to a weapons workbench and craft a crossbow. If you don’t have the necessary materials or the gunsmith perk, you can easily find a crossbow in the following areas:

  • Southwest outskirts of the Palace of the Winding Path
  • In the locked storage room in the basement of the Sons of Dane Compound
  • In the basement of the Bootlegger’s Shack
  • In the southern cabin at the Middle Mountain Cabins

Once you have a crossbow, interact with the speaker at the shooting range and you will start the Pioneer Scouts shooting test. Once the quest begins, you will have a minute and a half to get a bullseye on each of the five targets in the area. Do this and you will be rewarded for being a good scout. Remember to complete your camp duties to get yourself a backpack.