How to get a backpack in Fallout 76

Backpacks are for the most fashionable scouts.

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If you are tired of lugging around all that junk without the carry weight to hold it, you might want to get your hands on a backpack. This handy tool comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and increases your carry capacity in Fallout 76. Different backpacks will give you different abilities like decreased chem or junk weight. Of course, before you can get your hands on those, you need to get your hands on a standard backpack.

How to unlock backpacks in Fallout 76

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To begin your quest of unlocking the standard backpack, you will need to go to any train station and interact with the Pioneer Scout flier on the bulletin board. After interacting with the poster, you will begin the Order of the Tadpole quest. The first step of the quest requires you to go to the Pioneer Scout camp to the north of Grafton Dam.

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Once you reach the camp, speak to the Mr. Handy scoutmaster and you will be tasked with showing the core values of a scout; kindness, bravery, helpfulness, and growth. This is done by completing various tasks around the wastelands like reviving a fallen teammate, killing bugs, answering exam questions, and earning badges. Complete the following tasks to show the values of a scout:

  • Kindness: Revive a fallen teammate. This can also be done by reviving an AI companion.
  • Bravery: Retrieve a Bloatfly Gland, Tick Blood Sack, Stingwing Bard, Radroach Meat, and Bloodbug Proboscis.
  • Helpfulness: Pick up five toxic wastes and deposit them in the containment barrel at the Kiddie Corner Cabins near the camp.
  • Growth: Earn three Pioneer Badges. These can be found in the challenges menu.

After completing all of the tasks, return to the Mr. Handy scoutmaster and you will receive a free backpack. You will also obtain the plans so that you can craft them in the future. The base carry weight increase for the backpack is 10, but you can increase it to 60 after constructing a higher-level one. You can get backpack mods by purchasing them from the Gold Bullion vendors in The Crater and Foundation.