How to complete the Provisions Milestone in the Utopia Expedition in No Man’s Sky

Get ready for the long haul.


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Provisions is the second Milestone in No Man’s Sky’s Utopia Expedition. It tasks you with getting a few things ready for the journey that lies ahead, including a new Visor and some items that could save your life in a pinch. This guide explains how to complete Provisions so you can get out there and explore.

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How do you complete the Provisions Milestone in the Utopia Expedition?

This section outlines how to complete every task you must work through to finish the Provisions Milestone. Follow each one, and you’ll find that you complete the Milestone in no time at all.

How to install the Analysis Visor

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To install the Analysis Visor, you need one Carbon Nanotube. To craft this, you need to collect 50 Carbon and install the Visor in your Multi-Tool. Note that you get the plans for the Analysis Visor by completing the Foundation Milestone in this Expedition, so go back and complete it if you haven’t yet.

How to install a Boltcaster

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To install a Boltcaster, you need first to build a Refiner and put 200 Copper through it. This will produce 100 Chromatic Metal. In addition to this, you need 3 Carbon Nanotubes, so 150 Carbon must be gathered to craft those. Once you’ve collected all these materials, install the Boltcaster in your Multi-Tool. You can get a Personal Refiner by completing the Foundation Milestone in this Expedition, and it’s by far the easiest way to get one without building one from scratch.

How to craft Projectile Ammunition

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After you’ve installed your Boltcaster, you need some ammo for it. This is pretty easy to craft. All you need is Ferrite Dust. Mine some of the nearby rocks and then craft the Projectile Ammunition. You’ll get 1000 Projectile Ammunition for 50 Ferrite Dust.

How to craft Life-Support Gel

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To craft Life-Support Gel, you need 100 Carbon and 1 Di-hydrogen Jelly. You can collect Carbon by mining any organic resource on most planets. The Di-hydrogen Jelly can be crafted by collecting 40 units of Di-hydrogen. You can scan the environment for these using your scanner and look for the blue icons that pop up where Di-hydrogen Crystals are lurking.

Once you’ve crafted and installed all the items above, you’ll complete the Provisions Milestone. This allows you to claim the Hermetic Seal Plans, a Supreme Exocraft Engine Upgrade, 256 Condensed Carbon, and a Powerful Movement System Upgrade from the Expedition menu.