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How to complete the sclerotia puzzle in Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose

So many cores, so little time.

There are many puzzles inside Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village. During the main campaign, you will need to solve puzzle after puzzle if you want to escape the castle alive. The DLC for Resident Evil Village, Shadows of Rose, brings all new puzzles to the already-difficult castle area. After progressing through the DLC for a while, you will get locked inside a cell. You need to destroy the correct sclerotia to escape. Fail, and you will be lost to the darkness. This guide will show you how to complete the sclerotia puzzle in Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose.

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Sclerotia puzzle solution in Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose

During the Shadows of Rose DLC, you play as Ethan’s daughter as she tries to get rid of her powers using the memories of the Mutamycete. As you progress through the DLC, you will encounter multiple puzzles, such as the painting room and statue room puzzles. After collecting all of the masks, Rose will get captured and thrown in a cell. The only way to escape this prison is to guess which sclerotia are the correct ones before time runs out.

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When the puzzle begins, you will see multiple sclerotia, also known as cores, around the room. While your disembodied friend who speaks in short written words will help you, they don’t provide much assistance in this matter. Start by aiming at the left side of the room at the sclerotia in the image above.

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Destroying the first sclerotia will cause a wall to open inside the cell on the right side. Aim at the center sclerotia in the newly opened room. Be careful because an enemy will spawn before you are able to destroy the core. Take out the enemy, then destroy the sclerotia in the alcove.

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The final sclerotia you need to destroy is the one on the ceiling. This one is much larger than the others and stands out since it is the highest one in the room. Once this core is destroyed, the bars of the cell will lower, and you will be able to leave.

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