How to complete the Seasonal Challenges in Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem

Earn badges and even a special gun charm.

Seasonal Challenges

With the release of the Anniversary Collection Event, Apex Legends is adding brand-new Seasonal Challenges, with adorable badges for you to unlock along with them. It’s important to note that Seasonal Challenges are different from the past event-only challenges we have seen. Seasonal is the keyword here, after all. Event challenges go from two to four weeks, depending on the challenge length. Seasonal Challenges will go until the end of the current season. This set of challenges is for Season 8: Mayhem. Here are the four Seasonal Challenges, the rewards, and how to complete them.

Daily Discovery challenge

Reward: Nessie Badge

For the cutest reward in the set, complete a total of 75 Daily Challenges. Reminder, this is over the course of the season, not just the event. You do not have to get every daily challenge for the entire event. Weekly Challenges are separate and do not count towards this goal.

Respect your elders challenge

Reward: Mozambique Badge

To complete this challenge, you have to do a very particular amount of damage over the course of the season. 102,816 damage to be exact. This is a double whammy of both a throwback and a foreshadowing. The number refers to 10/28/16, which is a throwback to the release date of Titanfall 2. It is also a foreshadowing because many think the next Legend is going to be Blisk, (who is now on the older side, thus respect your elders), from the Titanfall games.

Time to Win and Stay Alive challenge

Reward: Smolfinder badge

To earn this badge, you have to get a win with eight different Legends of the course of the season. It doesn’t matter which Legends you use, as long as you get at least one win with eight unique Legends.

Mozambique Here! challenge

Reward: Mozambique Here weapon charm

For this one, you need to deal at least 3,333 Damage with the Mozambique over the course of the season. Unlike the other challenges, this unlocks a gun charm, instead of a badge. Note that while you can earn this any time this season, it will be easiest during the Locked and Loaded Takeover in the Anniversary Collection Event, as you drop with a Mozambique already in hand.