How to complete the Taxi Driver missions in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

Not so crazy taxi.

Image via Rockstar Games

The Taxi Driver missions are one of several side mission types in GTA San Andreas that can be taken on for extra money. Whether you’re strapped for cash, attempting 100%, or dipping your toes in, our guide will help you complete all 50 Taxi Driver missions.

In order to initiate Taxi Driver missions, you’ll need to steal a taxi then press up on the directional pad. This begins CJ’s shift as a taxi driver. Passengers are highlighted as blue symbols on the mini map with the destination appearing in yellow. These symbols appear as squares on the mini map when nearby, turning into triangles when further from the player.

Making money with taxis

Each fare gives players an allotted time limit. Failing to reach the destination before the timer expires ends your taxi session. This timer stacks, meaning as long as you continue taking fares, your overall timer rises to a significant level, removing the time pressure associated with doing fares in short bursts. This is especially useful for those with poor navigational skills as the mini map doesn’t highlight an optimal route.

Money is another benefit to taking this route as you’ll receive bonuses for every five fares, with the bonus increasing at a fixed rate per five fares. For example, you get a $500 bonus for five continuous fares meanwhile 20 continuous fares nets a $2,000 bonus. Because of this, we recommend waiting until you can set aside about an hour to finish them in one session.

Driving passengers around

The mini game itself randomly selects an NPC as a passenger and then picks from a series of predefined locations. The amount of time allotted for the fare is proportionate to the distance needed to travel so don’t worry about the side mission’s randomness. Even if it’s easier as one full session, shorter bursts give you enough time.

The tip system is the most important element to keep track of. While it’s true that the bonuses will end up netting you more money overall, you can still come out with a couple extra thousand dollars in tips. You receive a fixed rate per fare depending on the distance, but tips are more fruitful. The tip meter continually depletes over time, decreasing even more as you take damage. For the maximum possible tip, you want to manage speed while taking as little damage as possible.

On most occasions, the next fare spawns nearly instantaneously. Other times, however, you’ll be asked to drive around until a fare shows up. Because these fares are random, it doesn’t matter where you go. Just keep driving and the game will generate another fare within 30 seconds at the most.

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