GTA Trilogy physical copies are missing maps, unlike previous releases

This one might require Take-Three.

Image via Rockstar Games

To say the launch of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy has been rocky would be an understatement. A more accurate description would be an unmitigated disaster. Currently, the Trilogy sits at a Metascore of 49 on Metacritic and a shocking User Score of 0.5.

It probably didn’t help that Take-Two delisted the previous editions of the games either, forcing fans to buy the newer broken versions. It’s also likely that suing modders trying to update those previous versions didn’t help the negativity toward the Trilogy either.

However, Take-Two was given a second chance to get it right with players. The release of the physical versions of the Trilogy and upcoming bug fixes had players at least interested, some even excited.

Yet, they have seemingly botched the physical release and angered fans once more. This newfound anger comes from an absence of physical game maps in the physical games cases. Reddit user WadieXkiller posted the video linked below that shows the lack of physical maps or a game manual.

Players are rightfully upset at this revelation since every previous GTA game has included a map and game manual in the case. Although an outlier in the industry, this was something GTA fans looked forward to. Many fans share the same opinion as Reddit user JAS-the-plugg, who commented, “Lowkey the best part of owning the physical copies of the older GTA’s was because of the manual and map.” JAS would also go on to add, “:( yet another disappointment.”

Disappointment does seem to be the common word everyone associates with the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy. Hopefully, developer Rockstar and publisher Take-Two can turn it around soon and give fans the game they wanted.