How to complete the Treasure Hunt quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Let the hunt for treasure begin.

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There is nothing quite like an exciting hunt for treasure to keep things interesting in Disney Dreamlight Valley and Scrooge McDuck has an exciting adventure waiting for you. The golden coin given by Ursula is proof that there is treasure hidden somewhere in the valley, the only question is where? Scrooge needs your help locating it and he won’t take no for an answer. This guide will show you how to complete the Treasure Hunt quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Treasure Hunt Pt. 1 quest guide

The Treasure Hunt quest is one of the last ones that you will get from Scrooge McDuck and is unlocked when you finally raise his Friendship Level to level eight. At that point, Scrooge will tell you that he has a quest for you. Talk to him to begin the quest and he will give you the Gold Coin to inspect.

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Inspect the Gold Coin in your inventory to unveil three locations that all house hints to where the treasure is located. You will need to visit each location and find the note that is hidden in the area. Each note that you find is a piece of the treasure map. You can find the treasure map pieces in the following areas:

  • Glade of Trust – Locate the digging spot in front of the waterfalls to the west of the entrance to the biome. Use your shovel to dig up the map piece.
  • Merlin’s Home – Go inside Merlin’s home and you will find the map piece sitting on the floor in front of his desk.
  • Dazzle Beach – Head to Dazzle Beach and locate the digging spot near the slope that leads up to the Forest of Valor. Dig up the sand to find the treasure map piece.

After getting all of the treasure map pieces, bring them to Scrooge. He will tell you that he needs time to put the map back together and to come to see him at a later time. This will complete the first part of the quest.

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The Treasure Hunt Pt. 2 quest guide

The second part of the Treasure Hunt quest can be started when you raise Scrooge’s Friendship Level to level 10. Talk to Scrooge and he will hand you the map, requesting that you bring it to Merlin. Bring the map to Merlin and he will recite some magical words, revealing a riddle hidden on the map.

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After getting the map back, interact with it in your inventory and it will turn into a memory. Interact with the memory and you will get a map of the valley with three X’s on it. Go talk to Scrooge and get the Lenses of Shadow from him. Go into your inventory and equip the Lenses of Shadow.

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With the Lenses of Shadow equipped, your character will be able to see the digging spots in the locations marked on the map. The digging spots are located in the following areas:

  • Glade of Trust – In the southeast corner of the biome near the Pillar of Trust.
  • Forest of Valor – In the southern part of the biome near the Pillar of Courage.
  • Frosted Heights – In the northeast corner of the biome.

Two of the digging spots will get you the key pieces and the other will get you the chest. Bring the items to Scrooge and he will tell you to craft two Gold Ingots so you can repair the key. Gold Ingots are made of five Gold Nuggets which are found in the Sunlit Plateau and Frosted Heights. Once you have the Gold Ingots, repair the key. Bring the key and the chest to Scrooge to get your part of the treasure and complete the quest.