How to open the Ancient Doorway in Disney Dreamlight Valley

An ancient secret awaits.

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As you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will come across many secrets. You will discover everything from strange buildings and hidden doors, to mystical caves and cryptic puzzles. Just one of the secrets that you will discover is the Ancient Doorway in the Mystical Cave on Dazzle Beach. This doorway holds an ancient secret if you can manage to open the door. Here is how you open the Ancient Doorway in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Ancient Doorway quest guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you finally get Ariel’s Friendship Level to level 10, you will unlock the quest called The Ancient Doorway. When you speak to Ariel, she will tell you that she noticed a doorway in the Mystical Cave with strange carvings. She also found a Stone Slab with four markings on it that match those found on the door.

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Talk to Merlin about the Stone Slab and he will tell you that the door is linked to emotion. To open it, you need to power the Stone Slab with four emotions; Fiery Passion, Seething Anger, Perfect Joy, and Exuberant Excitement. Now, you just need to find residents that match those emotions.

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Head back to Ariel and she will tell you about how much joy she feels when you are around. This will power a piece of the stone. As for the other emotions, you will need the following residents:

  • Fiery Passion – Remy
  • Exuberant Excitement – Moana
  • Seething Anger – Ursula

After speaking to all of the residents on the list, the Stone Slab will be completely powered up.

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Go to the Ancient Doorway that is found at the very bottom of the Mystical Cave on Dazzle Beach. You will see a carving on the wall that looks like the Stone Slab. Place the slab in the carving and it will open the door revealing a crystal. Bring the crystal to Ariel to complete the quest.