How to complete The Unique Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy

Another beast to rescue.

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Hogwarts Legacy is filled with various tasks, assignments, and quests for you to complete. While most of the quests you uncover will come from your fellow students, there are others around the highlands that need your help. One of the side quests comes from Betty Bugbrooke who resides in Hogsmeade. She was tending to a Unicorn when they were attacked by wolves. Since then, the Unicorn has been rather skittish and hiding. Track down her friend and give them a proper home. This guide will show you how to complete The Unique Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Unique Unicorn walkthrough in Hogwarts Legacy

The Unique Unicorn side quest becomes available after you have completed the third trial. Once this is done, make your way to Hogsmeade and you should find Betty Bugbrooke in Hogsmeade Square. Talk to her and she will tell you about a Unicorn named Hazel that she visits and bushes from time to time. During Betty’s last visit, she and Hazel were attacked by wolves. Now Betty wants you to track down Hazel and make sure that she is okay.

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After talking to Betty, make your way up north to the Forbidden Forest. You can find the only Unicorn Den to the west of the Upper Hogsfield Floo Flame fast travel point. Go to the den and you will see a few unicorns roaming about. Hazel is pretty easy to identify when you get close because she has strange markings all along her sides instead of having a single-colored coat. Make sure to use the Disillusionment spell to sneak up on the Unicorns without them noticing you.

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You can spot Hazel from a distance thanks to her name appearing at the top of the screen when she is targeted. Get close to her and use the Arresto Momentum spell to slow her down and be able to capture her with your Nab-Sack. With Hazel captured, return to Betty to let her know that Hazel is safe. After a brief conversation with Betty, the quest will be complete and you will be able to place Hazel in your Vivarium back in the Room of Requirement.