How to complete the Very Sleepy Stitch quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Because Stitch needs more energy.

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Each of the residents in Disney Dreamlight Valley has an entire quest line for you to complete. Every quest will reward you with something useful like clothing, furniture items, or even coffee beans. Stitch needs help staying awake and the only thing that can do the trick is coffee. Help the little guy out and plant some coffee beans in the valley. This guide will show you how to complete the Very Sleep Stitch quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Very Sleepy Stitch quest guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After helping Stitch get his goodness level under control, you will need to raise his friendship level up and wait a day. Once this is done, head to where you have placed Wall-E’s garden and you will see that it is in shambles. Pick up the coffee cup in the area and talk to Wall-E about it. Obviously, Stitch is the culprit, so talk to him afterward and he will confess that he tried using dirt to make coffee before giving you a dried-out coffee sapling.

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Head back to Wall-E, and he will give you a list of materials that are needed to help nurture the coffee plant back to life. You will need the following items:

  • 25 Pebbles
  • 25 Clay
  • 1 Sack

You can gather Pebbles by digging up the ground on Dazzle Beach and by destroying stones. You can find Clay in the Sunlit Plateau and the Glade of Trust. Finally, the Sack can be made at a crafting station using the following materials:

  • 15 Fiber
  • 5 Soil
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After gathering all the necessary items, talk to Wall-E and he will tell you how to craft the Coffee Sapling. Take the materials you gathered and craft the Coffee Sapling at a crafting station. Afterward, plant the sapling in the Glade of Trust and water it regularly. It should only take around an hour for it to fully grow. Harvest the Coffee Beans and take them to Remy.

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Remy will be excited to see that there are now Coffee Beans in the valley again. Take the beans to a cooking station and make some Coffee for Stitch. This can be done using one Coffee Bean. Give the Coffee to Stitch to complete the quest.