How to complete the Vex input locks in Headlong of Destiny 2

The diamonds, what do they mean?

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As players progress through the campaign of Destiny 2: Lightfall, they will eventually come to a mission called Headlong. Completing this mission brings Guardians far closer to understanding and wielding the Strand, but it also has a few head-scratching puzzles. Fortunately, they’re actually relatively easy to complete once you understand how they work — here’s how to complete all Vex input lock puzzles of Headlong.

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How to complete Headlong

Players will find themselves consistently blocked as they progress through Headlong by energy shields, along with respawning Harpies. While killing these Harpies, occasionally a message that says ‘Vex input error. Resetting Vex lock.’ may appear, followed by a quick respawn of the cluster. Look above the energy shield that is blocking your progress, and you’ll see various diamonds either lit or unlit. This is the code that players need to follow, changing between killing the lit and unlit Harpies in order the door asks for.

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Headlong Puzzle 1 answer

In Headlong’s first puzzle, which introduced the mechanic, players will need to kill a light Harpy, a dark Harpy, and then a light Harpy. Ensure you kill the Harpies slowly, with the appropriate diamond disappearing after each kill before continuing. Killing too quickly can result in diamonds not properly disappearing, which will force Guardians to wait for the Harpies to reset.

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Headlong Puzzle 2 answer

The second puzzle again only has three diamonds, although users will need to complete this puzzle a few times before ultimately reaching the final puzzle. Players will need to clear this area fully to begin the puzzle portion, which spawns a total of five Harpies per attempt.

Headlong Puzzle 3 answer

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Headlong’s third puzzle has five diamonds, and far larger spawns to sort through. Ensure you’re close to the enemy before firing, as an errant round that does enough damage could force a reset. The diamonds for puzzle 3 are Light Light Dark Light Light. While the first two Light diamonds tend to disappear after a single kill each, the Dark aspect tends to need multiple dark kills — ensure you’re watching the diamonds as you engage these enemies, and switch targets only when the diamond you’re attempting to clear has disappeared.