How to complete the Well Wishes side quest in Tower of Fantasy

Will you be honest or lie?

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There are many side quests in Tower of Fantasy, but only a few like Well Wishes. In the quest, you need to help a girl make her favorite cake in her mom’s absence. Later, the quest gets emotional as you face two difficult choices. Additionally, you will get experience points, data matrix packs, acidproof glaze, nano coating, and vigorous — a mysterious quest item — as rewards for completing the quest. Here is how to find and complete the Well Wishes side quest in Tower of Fantasy.

Well Wishes side quest location

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To find the Well Wishes side quest, you must go back to Astra Shelter, Astra. On the east of Astra Shelter, you will find a girl named Nico standing. Additionally, the game will mark the quest on your map when you are nearby the area. Talk to her, and she will give you the quest and your first objective.

Well Wishes side quest walkthrough

After talking, she will ask you to get her favorite Fruit Cake and tell you the ingredients to make it, but she will not give you the recipe. There are two ways to get the recipe; the first is to make it using the cooking bot. The second and best way to do it is by talking to Nico again, and she will give you the recipe.

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Even after getting the recipe, you will not be able to use it for cooking since you need to use the recipe. You can do that by going to your inventory by selecting the bag from the pause menu. In there, scroll down and look for the Fruit Cake recipe. Click on it and then tap use to get the recipe for cooking.

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After that, gather all the ingredients for the Fruit Cake recipe. You will need two Strawberries, one Homi Grain, one Fallen Fruit, and one Poultry Egg. You can easily gather the last three ingredients in Astra, but to get strawberries, you will need to gather them at the marked locations in the Navia region.

Once you have all the ingredients, cook the Fruit Cake using any cooking bot, and hand it to Nico. When doing so, Nico will ask whether her parents are dead or alive; you can tell a white lie or the bitter truth. Whichever option you choose will complete the quest.