How to complete the Woeful Wednesday Challenge in BitLife

Channel your inner Wednesday.

Another challenge is available for you to complete in BitLife, and this one is called the Woeful Wednesday Challenge. You’ll need to channel your inner Wednesday Adams and bring out the best qualities of this character. There are a handful of objectives you’ll need to complete if you want to finish this challenge in a timely fashion. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the Woeful Wednesday Challenge in BitLife.

All Woeful Wednesday challenge tasks in BitLife

You’ll need to complete five objectives for the Woeful Wednesday challenge. They all feature traits and aspects of the Wednesday character from the Netflix show, so if for those who have watched it, you’ll likely enjoy having the chance to go through these tasks yourself.

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These are the five tasks you need to finish for the Woeful Wednesday Challenge.

  • Be born a female in New Jersey
  • Become a mortician
  • Have a cello skill level of 100%
  • Own a haunted Victorian house
  • Scare someone to death

The first task requires you to create a female character and ensure they are born in New Jersey. You want to make sure you select for your character to start in the United States and then select Newark in the cities for your character to start. This is the quickest answer, and it should be below New York.

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The next step is for your character to become a Mortician. The Mortician profession available in BitLife seems straightforward but requires a degree. You’ll need to make sure your character works their way through High School and college, earning a degree in Biology. So long as they have this degree, there’s a chance the Mortician profession can appear in the jobs menu, but it might take a few tries for it to appear.

The third task is for your character to earn 100% skill with the cello. This will take a great deal of time to achieve, and we recommend doing it when your character is younger, so their parents pay for these lessons. You can start when you’re still with your parents and practice three to four times every year to improve the skill, potentially mastering it before your character turns 18.

The next step is to own a haunted Victorian mansion. Similar to the Mortician job, there’s a chance for this to happen, but you’ll need to wait for a Victorian mansion to appear on the market, and then purchase it before it disappears. Again, there’s a chance it can be haunted; if not, wait another year for another to occur.

The final step is to kill someone by scaring them to death. You can do this in the activities menu and select the Crime category. One of the methods to kill someone is scaring them, but you’ll want to make sure this is your final task, as this one comes with the highest risk of going to jail if you succeed.

Once you’ve completed all these steps, the Woeful Wednesday Challenge is over. You’ll earn a random appearance item for your profile, and you can place it on any of your characters.