How to find Jangles the Moon Monkey in Fallout 76

Jangles got lost at the fair! Find him!

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The world of Fallout 76 is filled with quests and random tasks for you to complete. Each day, you can wander the wasteland and obtain daily quests to earn extra experience or to have a good time. One of the more amusing tasks in the wasteland is to find Jangles the Moon Monkey when he gets lost at the fair. Search the area and see if you can locate this stuff primate. This guide will show you how to find Jangles the Moon Monkey in Fallout 76.

How to complete Jangles got Lost at the Fair in Fallout 76

While traveling the wasteland, you may come across a random objective that tells you that “Jangles got lost at the fair.” This objective appears whenever you pass by the Tyler County Fairgrounds in the northeastern part of the map. This area is northeast of Vault 76 and very close to Deathclaw Island. Once there, you will be tasked with finding Jangles as he is hidden somewhere in the fairgrounds.

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A large search area will appear. Before searching for Jangles, make sure to clear out all of the scorched enemies in the area. Afterward, you can start your search of the area. Jangles can only spawn in one area so finding him isn’t very difficult. Start by locating where the red food stand is in the center of the fairgrounds. You can locate the stand by finding the swing ride and going behind it.

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The red food stand has a sign that reads “Farm to Food” on it. Once located, enter the food stand and you will see Jangles the Moon Monkey laying on the ground next to the ice machine. Pick Jangles up to complete the objective. While you won’t get any amazing prizes like weapons or plans, you will get around 50 Caps to increase your stash of money.