How to craft in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 – full crafting guide

If you need something, you can build it.

Image via Gamepur

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 has introduced crafting. Players can now gather up resources while they are playing the game, and make their own weapons and items.

To get the resources players will need to hunt animals, or smash up cars and vehicles to get mechanical parts. Mechanical parts and animal bones are the two main resources that players will need for crafting. There are different types of animals that can be found on the map

  • Chickens – found in wooded areas
  • Boars – found in wood areas
  • Wolves – found in mountainous wooded areas
  • Frogs – found near water

The animals can appear all over the map, but tend to show up most often in forest areas and wooded areas. They won’t really spawn in at all near to name locations, as the areas are too built up.

All the animals will drop resources that you an use for crafting different items. They will drop bones that are needed to make Primal Weapons, while Mechanical Weapons can be built with Mechanical Parts. Both of them require a Makeshift weapon that can be found as ground loot or from chests as a base.

Materials can also appear as ground loot, from chests, and can even be bought from some of the NPCs on the map for Gold Bars.

How to craft in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Image via Gamepur

Crafting is surprisingly simple, just follow the below steps:

  • Farm up resources and get a makeshift weapon
  • Open the inventory
  • Click on the crafting tab
  • Click on the item in your toolbar that you wish to craft with
  • Options will populate above it, based on the resources you have
  • You can pick the item you want to make
  • Hit the Craft button
  • The item will take about 3 seconds to craft.