How to craft legendary quickhacks in Cyberpunk 2077

Step by step process to craft legendary quickhacks

To have the most efficient netrunner character in Cyberpunk 2077, one needs a multitude of quickhacks that would allow them to take out enemies in distinct fashion. However, while you can easily buy a rare or uncommon quickhack from the many Netrunner vendors scattered across Night City, you can’t get hold of a legendary one directly.

The only possible way to get hold of a legendary quickhacks is to craft one. And for crafting these, there are some prerequisites involved.

Here’s the step by step process to craft legendary quickhacks in Cyberpunk 2077:

Buy the lower tier quickhacks from Netrunner vendors

You can buy the uncommon or rare version of the quickhacks you want to covert to legendary from one of the many Netruner vendors in Night City

Invest in the appropriate skills

Buy the BARTMOSS’ LEGACY perk in the Intelligence attribute that would unlock the crafting specs for Legendary quickhacks. This means that the blueprints of the quickhacks you have in your inventory can now be viewed in the crafting section. Keep in mind that for unlocking this perk, you need to have 20 Intelligence Attribute.

To craft these legendary quickhacks you need one more perk which is the EDGERUNNER ARTISAN. This will allow you to craft any legendary item whether it’s quickhacks, weapons, or clothes. After acquiring this perk, which requires 18 Intelligence Attribute, you need one last thing.

Farm Legendary Quickhack components

Legendary quickhack components are required for you to finally craft legendary variants of your quickhacks. The easiest way to grab hold of these quickhack components, whether of Legendary, Epic or Rare quality is to breach the access points scattered across Night City. This not only provides you with the much needed crafting components, but also a lot of EuroDollars, or Eddies in short, which is the game’s currency.

Once you have gotten sufficient legendary quickhack components, you can craft the legendary quickhack of your liking.