How to craft the Legendary Trinket Vision in Guild Wars 2

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The Vision Legendary Trinket in Guild Wars 2 is an item that requires players to obtain not only many crafting components but also to travel. Vision, like all Legendary items in Guild Wars 2, allows players to change the stats of their trinkets, making it great for experimenting with new builds and changing things up when you need to fulfill a different role in Raids or WvW. Vision also gives unique visual effects to players wearing the Legendary item. This guide will explain what you need to craft Vision in Guild Wars 2.

What you’ll need to craft Vision in Guild Wars 2

You must first complete the prerequisite collections before you can craft the Vision. The first is the Vision I: Awakening Collection, and the second is Vision II: Farsight. Each of these collections are scattered across the Living World Season 4 maps

Mystic Tribute2x Gifts of Condensed Magic: 2x Gifts of Blood, 2x Gifts of Venom, 2x Gifts of Totems, 2x Gifts of Dust.

2x Gifts of Condensed Might: 2x Gifts of Fangs, 2x Gifts of Claws, 2x Gifts of Bones.

77x Mystic Clovers: Can be crafted from Mystic Coins, Globs of Ectoplasm, Obsidian Shards, and Spirit Shards or earned from monthly logins, PvP, and WvW. Purchased from BUY-4373 or Zazzl.
250x Mystic Coins.
Gift of Prescience1x Gifts of the mists: 1x Gift of Glory, 1x Gift of Battle, 1x Gift of War, 1x Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy.

100x Icy Runestones: Can be bought for 100x Gold from Rojan the Penitent.

Shattered Gift of Prescience: Earned from Completing Vision I: Awakening and its subcollections.

1x Gift of Energy: Recipe can be purchased from Miyani in Lion’s Arch and requires and Artificer of 400.
Gift of Arid Mastery1x Gift of Ephemeral Magic

1x Bloodstone Shard: 200x Spirit Shards

100x Funerary Incense: Can be bought for Trade Contracts or Elegy Mosaics.
GlimpseCompleting Vision II: Farsight collections across the Living World Season 4 maps

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You will need to combine the four main items together in the Mystic Forge, which is located in Lion’s Arch. Miyani is the NPC that you’ll need to speak to if you want to purchase recipes. You can find her standing next to the Mystic Forge. Some of the crafting components can be purchased from the Trading Post, but the Gifts are Account Bound, meaning you’ll have to craft them yourself. For the Gifts, you will need the various Tiers of their components which can be purchased or farmed from the different maps in Guild Wars 2.