How to craft the repair tool in Sons of the Forest

Necessary for those pesky repairs.

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Sons of the Forest is filled with various items and tools for you to find across the island. While most of the tools are hidden in dark caves or buried in graves, some of them can be crafted. The repair tool is one of the tools you will need to craft in Sons of the Forest if you want to be able to repair your shelter or traps for when enemies eventually destroy them. This guide will show you how to craft the repair tool in Sons of the Forest.

Repair tool recipe in Sons of the Forest

The repair tool is one of the most useful tools you can get in Sons of the Forest. Eventually, you will need to make repairs around your base. This could be because a tree accidentally fell on a wall or enemies destroyed it. When this happens, the repair tool will help you fix everything and make it look like new. Unlike items such as the rebreather, you don’t need to go searching for the repair tool. Instead, you can build it at your camp.

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To build the repair tool, you will need to gather the following materials:

  • A Stick
  • A Rock
  • A Rope

The materials needed for the repair tool can easily be found early in the game and in many areas around the island. Sticks and rocks can be found all over the forest by simply searching the ground and by destroying small trees. Rope is able to be found in a large number of the campsites around the island and is typically in containers near where the helicopter crashed.

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Once you have all of the materials, open your inventory using the “I” key. After this, press the right mouse button on each of the items to add them to the center of your mat. Hit the gear icon to combine them to create the repair tool. While you are on this screen, you can go ahead and craft yourself the Tech Armor if you have the required materials for it as well.