How to cripple ghoul legs in Fallout 76

Gross, gory, ghouls.

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Fallout 76’s wasteland is filled with terrifying creatures, including the notorious ghouls. These once-human beings have been mutated by the effects of radiation, leaving them with a gruesome appearance and insatiable hunger for flesh. Sometimes, one of your daily Fallout 76 challenges will have you cripple some ghoul legs to collect your rewards. Let’s take a look at how to cripple a ghoul’s legs and where to find them in Fallout 76.

What to do to cripple ghoul legs in Fallout 76

Fortunately, crippling ghoul legs is the easy part. You just need to hit a ghoul with your weapon in its legs. Do it enough and the ghoul will lose the use of that limbs. As a helpful Redditor named CocoNot-Chanel points out, you can actually cripple both lets on a ghoul and that counts as two legs to your counter, meaning you only need to find five ghouls if you play your cards right.

Where to find ghouls in Fallout 76

Here are the five most accessible places to find ghouls in Fallout 76, ranked from highest to lowest.

The Burrows 

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The Burrows is located in the sewers of Harpers Ferry. There are two entrances to it. Once inside, you’ll find a maze of corridors and other gross stuff. It’s easy to lose track of how many ghouls you can kill at this location. 

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Charleston Capitol Building

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Once you make it into the Capitol Building, you’ll find a pile of ghouls running around everywhere. You can kill up to 45 ghouls here, so this is an excellent location to get that challenge done.

White Spring Resort

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Go over to White Springs Resort near the Golf Club. Many ghouls are running around, inside and out, just around the Golf Club. You’ll find at least 35 ghouls if you go around to the resort’s backside, where these condos are.

Fort Defiance

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Make your way into the minefield of scorched outside. Just look for a door to your right. Then, you will start running into ghouls immediately. On this side of the building, you can kill about 30 ghouls.

Vault-Tech University

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Vault-Tec Uni is located smack dab in the middle of Morgantown. Just go through one of the red doors, and you’re inside. You’ll run into about 20 of these ghouls running around.