How to defeat Behemoth in Octopath Traveler 2

Send this mutated mammoth back to exctincton.

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The long-awaited sequel to the hit RPG, Octopath Traveler, has arrived and it’s packing some severe heat. Each boss in the game has unique abilities, weaknesses, and attack patterns that require careful planning and execution to defeat. Among its many treacherous challenges lies the formidable Behemoth, a boss so mighty that even the bravest of adventurers may quake in their boots. But fear not, for with a bit of strategy and some quick thinking, you can slay this towering Behemoth and claim your rightful rewards.

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How to beat Behemoth in Octopath Traveler 2

Screenshot by Gamepur

The treacherous Sinking Ruins is where the mighty Behemoth reigns supreme. But don’t let this towering boss intimidate you — with some cunning tactics and a bit of grit, victory can be yours.

Like any other boss in Octopath Traveler, conquering Behemoth is about exploiting its weak points. This intimidating foe may have a whopping 8 shields, but don’t let that discourage you, as with the right strategy you can take it down like a pro. Instead, pay attention to Behemoth’s unique vulnerabilities and strike when the time is right.

Beware the Behemoth’s bag of tricks — its ability to turn you and your comrades to stone is a real buzzkill. So pack plenty of herb-of-grace potions to un-stone your friends or slap on a Divine Necklace to remove the affliction altogether. And when it’s time to deal damage, remember that the Behemoth is weak to polearms, axes, bows, and ice.

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For a smooth battle, we recommend building a role-balanced party like Ochette, Hikari, Agnea, and Partitio. Use Ochette’s bow and axe to break Behemoth’s shield, and rely on Hikari’s Bland Blade — and boost it to the MAX whenever possible — to unleash massive damage and quickly bring this beast down.