How to defeat Glurch, the Abominous Mass in Core Keeper

What goes up, must come down.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Core Keeper tasks players with surviving underground in a fantastical world, where danger can lurk behind every minable wall. Of the ever-present dangers in the title, bosses such as Glurch will be sure to test players skill.

Glurch is typically the first boss that players will come across, as it spawns close to the beginning in an arena of slime. This boss has only one attack: a jump which destroys anything it lands upon — either walls or players. The slime coating the ground in the arena serves as a notable hazard, as it slows players to roughly 50% movement speed when they are walking on it.

These two make a dangerous combo: players are stuck on the slime, which is an easy target for Glurch.

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To defeat Glurch, preparation is key. Players cannot enter the arena without pulling aggro of the boss, so instead mitigating the hazard of the arena, prior to entering, is vital. Cooking in Core Keeper can help — a Spicy Turnip Salad, using Glow Tulip and Bomb Pepper, will offer a movement speed buff for one minute along with +4 glow. This can mitigate the majority of the slime floor debuff to the point that dodging Glurch’s attacks becomes feasible. The glow helps players see the arena, helping to dodge the slime tiles.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Ensure all players joining the boss fight has one salad along with HP recovery items, and bronze armor and weapons should be enough to ensure players can survive the attacks. If playing solo, the slingshot can become useful, although note that it offers roughly half the DPS of the bronze sword. Once Glurch is at 1/3 HP, he’ll stop for a moment and begin pulsing, informing players that he is enraged.

Once this occurs, all players should dive onto the boss with melee weapons to attempt to deny its final stage. If this fails, note that jump attack animations become far faster, threatening a wipe. If all players die, Glurch will reset to full HP. Upon defeating Glurch, a large chest will drop with a unique item for summoning the first NPC.